Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A Choice Quote from the New York Times

Much has already been said about the New York Times Article "Is Law School a Losing Game?", which does not bear repeating again in that it is well covered elsewhere. What I want to point out is the following statement which still makes me cringe:

Mr. Thacher has managed about 2,500 people in his six years in the temporary legal business, and maybe five of them have gone on to associate jobs in law firms, the kind of work that nearly everyone aspires to when entering law school.

“Most of us either went to the wrong law school, which is the bottom two-thirds, or we were too old when we graduated,” he said. “I was 32 when I graduated, and at 32 you’re washed up in this field, in terms of a shot at the real deal. They perceived me as somebody they can’t indoctrinate into slave labor and work to death for seven years and then release if they don’t like you.”

There it is, non-traditionals. I was going to discuss this further in a later post anyway, but this article drives the point home. At 32 you are already "washed up", let alone if you are older, because of the pure economics and "stright-throughness" culture of the legal profession.

You are taking a risk anyway if you are a traditional student. So much more as a non-traditional.


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