Thursday, September 8, 2011

Tom Tomorrow And Seeing Into the Future

When things go awry, as they will from time to time, what is the typical response?

"Well, you should have known better."
"Well, you should have tried harder."
"Well, you should never have gotten into that mess in the first place."
"Well, you should have done your research first."

I'm sure we can all think of others. Regardless, the point is: you should have been able to see into the future and understand exactly how this was all going to play out, even if the odds were stacked against you. Yes, you, an army of one, should have been able to dig through the (questionable) statistics, the (self-serving) publications and the (rosy) anecdotes, and realized that it was all put there to make you bet the farm against your best interests. Yes, you, should have been able to predict the future for you and your career!

Nope. Despite what the legal shills say, nobody actually has any answers. It is much easier to blame the victim (as usual) rather than admit to any culpability in aiding or abetting the failed processes that led us to where we are today. The good-faith desire to be a journalist, a lawyer, or anything else is irrelevant - you have only yourself to blame, and the sooner you blindly accept what the shills say, the better (as it will get them off the hot seat, and that is all they care about anyway).

Now, go out there and get a job! People were able to do it in the 1960s, so can you! Whiny entitled brats.

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  1. I see this sick mentality on display all the time, when it comes to Boomer cockroaches, i.e. "I only have a BA, and I had a tough time finding a job. But I worked my way up, and now I'm an executive. You have a JD. You should be on top of the world."

    I suppose it helps these pigs justify their bloated paychecks. The fact is that the job market has been decimated by illegal immigration, outsourcing, off-shoring of manufacturing jobs, and advances in software and technology.

    Thanks for posting this. I also enjoy Tom Tomorrow's work. I hope that you will post more frequently. Now that we have Paul Campos on board - as well as more recognition from US senators - we need to keep the heat on these law school charlatans.