Monday, October 15, 2012

Here is what you're getting into...

This poster sums it up beautifully, in a comment at DailyKos regarding the business of "for-profit" education.  Which is increasingly becoming the mentality of "non-profit" education (cough cough Indiana Tech School of Law cough cough)...

No-win for those on the downward (56+ / 0-)
spiral slide.
Can't get a job/a job that pays the bills? If you weren't lazy, you'd go back to college and get the skills you need to be in demand.

Got another degree and now up to your eyes in student loans? Oh, so rather than bit the bullet like everyone else, you went for the luxury life of a grad student and now you'll pay for it.

Still can't get a job? Why didn't you get a degree in something in demand? Your bad choice, idiot.

Took out even more student loans to do the extra time to switch fields entirely for your graduate degree and now struggling? You're an irresponsible spender who thinks you deserve to get degrees in two subjects and be a professional student forever; no wonder you're up to your eyeballs in debt—you can't manage your life.

Didn't want to go into debt so you studied part-time while you worked, only to find that because your degree took so long, your skills are out of date the moment you graduate? You're afraid to take risks and take responsibility for your actions; you should have taken student loans like everybody else so that you
could get your degree in a timely fashion rather than slacking off.

Basically: It's always your fault. College has little to do with it. Poor? YOU SUCK, THAT'S WHAT.

Welcome to America.
-9.63, 0.00
I am not a purity troll. I am a purity warrior.

Good luck non-trads, and watch out.  As you look at the glossy brochures and the doctored placement statistics, remember that it's always ON YOU.  Period.  Think twice, or better three times, before you double-down on that oh-so-glamourous legal future. 


  1. Beautiful summation of this filthy "higher education" industry.

    Here are some of the moronic pig arguments, with regards to law school:

    1. You went to a third tier law school, dummy. What did you expect?

    2. She graduated from Harvard Law, and can't find anything better than a legal aid position, but she has a mustache - and her second toe is 1/2" longer than her big toe.

    3. This kid was editor in chief of the school's law review but can't find a job. He must have bad breath or terrible people skills.

    4. Oh, you went to a top 20 law school! Well, why didn't you try to get into a top 5 or 10 school?

    5. Hey, this guy over here went to NYU. But he was too stupid or lazy to make it into the top 10% of his class.

    1. Or you admit all of your faults and failings like JD Painterguy, and nameless Internet shitheels lacerate you.