Friday, February 1, 2013

"Go Back to Square One"

Paul Campos does a nice rebuttal to Justice Sotomayor's admonition that unhappy law grads should just "go back to square one," as if it's no big thang, like buying a new suit or changing a hair style.  He uncovers the fact that her own journey was much, much less rosy, and that confirmation bias and revisionist-history can abound even in the most thoughtful of people who should seemingly "know better," or at least be much more sympathetic, given their knowledge base.

However, the comment from JoeJones in that article speaks volumes to me, and I suspect to many others:

"let them eat cake," is the wisdom from Queen Sonia, it would seem.

Hey, Queen Sonia, can I please go back to square one, back to 2005, when I researched the job and salary stats put out by the law schools and decided that going to law school at the age of 48 was a good decision. Graduated near the top of my class, but could not get an interview. Went solo and lost my life savings. 

What about me, Queen Sonia? How can I be made whole after losing everything to the law school scammers?

By the way, Queen Sonia, have you ever taken money from a law school for, saying, an appearance or for teaching classes? If so, then you are a hypocrite, in addition to being an unelected imperial queen (one of 9) that rules america without having to care about the needs and desires and opinions of us proles.

Let us scammed law grads eat cake, eh. Go back to your palace, Queen Sonia. But I hope someday the crowds will gather outside and give the washington elite what they deserve.

To all the critics, personal-responsiblity types and the law school shills: the problem runs much deeper than you know or care to acknowledge.  These are real people, with real lives, who are burdended with real difficulties of whom you make light.  As hard as it may be for you to imagine, your "success" stories are the exception, not the rule.  If only we all had friends in high places, perhaps we could then also afford to be so cavalier in our responses. 

But, this is always been the attitude of those who receive priviledge in one form or another, as history has borne witness time and time again.  The sooner this travesty ends (step one: eliminate half the lol skools so as to avoid further increased collateral damage), the better everyone will be.

Non-trads, don't take it from me, take it from all the other non-trads whom I quote on this blog as evidence of the real, tangible risk you take by attending law school. 

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